The history of Investment and Industrial Group “Transstroy” began in 1997. At those times the group of enthusiasts lead by Volnov Denis Nikolayevich made the agreement about the delivery of reinforce-concrete wares with OAO “Gazprom” for oil-gas lines building. Beginning with the first deliveries the “Transstroy” company declared itself as a reliable and conscientious partner. During the following years the team of Denis Volnov only confirmed the status.
Today IPG “Transstroy” includes about dozens of different projects in the sphere of reinforce-concrete wares production and realization, technical gases, carnages, cable products, the delivery of bearings from the leading European producers (FAG, INA), oil products and realization of projects with real estate objects as well. One of its services is tax planning and financial consulting. The wide range of the strongest representatives of business and industry in Russia, the partners of IPG “Transstroy” says about the company`s stable condition on the market.

The following features make IPG «TRANSSTROY» successful




Deliveries of technical gases and gas and flame equipment and balloons selling.

OOO Trade house “PromGas” is specialized on deliveries of the technical gases, gas and flame equipment, concomitant periphery, welding equipment for enterprises of different spheres of industry and building, and gives complete spectrum of services.

Nomenclature of the products offered includes more than 1000 names of commodities and services – among them are technical gases, gas balloons, oxygen valves, cutters, gas-rings, reducing gears gas, regulators of expense, gas heaters, rubber sleeves, and gas welding posts.

OOO Trade house “PromGas” – official operating member of the Commercial and industrial chamber.

Working with us you will be benefited from:


OOO “ZhelezobetonStroyService”

Reinforce-concrete wares - concrete suspensoids, road flags, aerodrom flags, supports of illumination, piles, reinforced concrete, reinforce-concrete.

Reinforce-concrete wares deliveries from the producers exactly in time! “ZhelezobetonStroyService” of investment and industrial group “Transstroy”. OOO “ZhelezobetonStroyService” is a part of investment and industrial group “Transstroy” and it is the most prominent supplier of reinforce-concrete wares in Perm region.

General specialization of the company is provision the objects of building with reinforce-concrete wares of high quality. The delivery can be carried out by small party of products up to railway echelon of collapsible reinforce-concrete constructions. Motto of the company – delivery of reinforce-concrete wares from the producers exactly in time!

OOO “ZhelezobetonStroyService” produces and delivers all the reinforce-concrete wares, including:
ribbed ceiling flags
fundamental blocks FBS
suspensoids of concrete and cast-iron : brands of UBO, UTK, UBKM
aerodrom flags ( mark PAG – 14)
road flags (mark PDN 6x2)
piles, bars СВ, supports LEP.

The base enterprise of the company is a plant ZBK-4 situated in the town of Berezniki in Perm region. It produces reinforce-concrete wares of high quality. The company has old and stable partnership ties with dozens of enterprises ZBK throughout the country (Ural, Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, Tatarstan), which produce reinforce-concrete wares and concomitant materials and wares. In particular, the company`s partner ZAO “Mechanicheskiy zavod” (Perm) delivers metal forms for reinforce-concrete wares production.

OOO “ZhelezobetonStroyService” is present at the “ZhelezobetonStroyService” market for a long time and is famous as a supplier of high quality products due to the competence and executiveness of the employees at all the stages of the production process and due to the strict conditions of the agreements as to the production and delivery execution.

The company follows the next principles:
Well-timed delivery of reinforce-concrete wares to the building areas all around the country
Possibility of non-standard wares production due to the customer`s drafts
attentive attitude towards each client: individual prices and discounts system, high evaluation of personal participation of the persons responsible. Everyday work on the perfection of the technological processes and in-plant employers training.

Due to the partnership agreements with dozens of the enterprises around the country the company is able to deliver any volume of reinforce-concrete wares (from traditional wells rings SVAI or PDN to complicated constructions) to any part of the country. To economize the clients` money the company delivers reinforce-concrete wares from the enterprises, which are located nearer to the object of delivery.

All the products of OOO “ZhelezobetonStroyService” is produced due to GOST and TU and have corresponding passports and certificates of quality. If you want to order the products or to get consultations you need contact us and we will answer all your questions with pleasure.



Lot lands in Polazn, Dobryanka, Perm region selling.

Polazna: from 2 000 000 rub/hectare
Dobryanka: from 1 000 000 rub/hectare
Exchange, tax, arranging on the installment system, selling by parts, joint business-project. Our contacts:
614107, Russia, Perm, Lebedev St., 18, office of the group of the company OOO “Transstroy”
Tel: +7 (342) 293-19-15



Financial consulting, tax planning, foreign investing


Department of realization of bearings, industrial diagnostics, parametric and non-destructive testing

Spherical and cylindrical roller bearings for procurement, and final processing industry pulp and paper industry, angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings for motors, gears, fans and pumps.


Crane equipment

Providing enterprises and organizations of lifting equipment.