OAO “Uralkaliy”

The company “Uralkaliy” is one of the biggest chemical companies in Russia. It is one of the leading producers of mineral fertilizers of the world.


ZAO “Sibur-Chimprom”

ZAO “Sibur-Chimprom” is a modern oil and chemical complex, which is a part of company OAO “Sibur-Holding”. OAO “Sibur-Holding” is the only shareholder of ZAO “Sibur-Chimprom”, which holds 100% of the shares.


FGUP “Votkinskiy plant”

FGUP “Votkinskiy plant” is one of the oldest Russian enterprises. In September 2009 it celebrated its 250th anniversary.


OOO “Lentransgas” (OOO “Gasprom transgas Saint-Petersburg” today)

OOO “Lentransgas” is 60 years of successful operation in the sphere of transporting and delivery of natural gas in North-Eastern region. The enterprise was found in 1948.


OAO “Rosneft”

“Rosneft” is a leader in oil industry of Russia and it is one of the biggest public oil and gas companies of the world. The main kinds of activities of “Rosneft” are oil and gas prospecting and mining, oil products and products of petrochemistry production and products produced sale as well.


NK Lukoil

LUKOIL is one of the biggest international apeak integrated oil and gas companies.


OAO “AK Transnefteproduct”
Among the main kinds of the company`s activities, accordinf to its Regulations, are: transporting of oil products coordination and management.

OAO “Surgutneftegas”
“Surgutneftegas” is one of the biggest oil companies in Russia, which actively develops the sectors of gas and oil founding out and mining.

OAO NK “RussNeft”

Today “RussNeft” is one of the ten biggest oil companies in Russia.

OAO “Silvinit”

Open corporation “Salvinit” is one of the biggest Russian mining and industrial complex, which mines and produces potassium fertilizers and different kinds of salts.


OAO “OHM “Uralhim”
OAO “United chemical company “Uralhim” is one of the biggest companies on the mineral fertilizers market of Russian Federation, CIS and Eastern Europe.